Our company

Noble purposes and focus on results

Accomplishing our Mission, spreading our Vision, cultivating our Values, in integration with proactive, noble purposes and focus on results that allow us to constantly evolve in the elaboration and implementation of policies of responsibility. ATTITUDES that will guarantee us Professional achievement, Success in the Company, Respect of Clients and Absolute Sovereignty in Life!

Our Mission

In an ethical, transparent and innovative way, we have the MISSION to present ecologically correct solutions, socially fair and economically viable,for the improvement of systems with quality of answers to problems of corrosion, abrasion and sealing, generating efficient results,and permanent relationships, as well as the strengthening of bonds of trust and partnership.

  • Our Vision

    Principles relating to the responsibility for the preservation of Nature guide the whole policy of the Sinergia Group, which has as goal the development,manufacturing, quality control and supply of products from renewable natural resources, free from substances that may cause aggression to the Environment, to applicators or end users.

    Our VISION of human and professional fulfillment consists in the constant improvement of our commitment to the contribution of a Life known better for all.

Our Values

Respect for ethics as well as the practice of actions that result in its preservation are already part of the culture and education of the members of the Sinergia Group.

We are aware that acting in conformity and contributing to the raising of ethical standards of behavior are not obstacles to our development, but a guarantee of success, both in the Market and in Life, since such VALUES are fundamental in obtaining a more promising future.